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Alternatives to the “paperback Kindle”

10 Jun

Seth Godin proposed that Amazon introduce a basic and no frills $49 Kindle.  I’ve got a better idea–sell me an e-reader that allows me to electronically access the books I already own.  Give me the benefits of the Kindle–one device that holds 300 books, wireless access, bookmarking, ability to take notes, search notes–but make it extend to every book I already own.

I have a massive library of books that I love and don’t want to have to buy again.  I want Kindle benefits without paying $5000 to rebuy all these books.  You can even make me verify the fact by having me send in books that I want to digitize.  This should satisfy publishers that I’m not getting a free ride or that I won’t go sell my hardcopies later.

If I can convert all my CDs to MP3s, shouldn’t I be able to do the same thing for all of my books? Imagine if every Kindle came with the opportunity to electronically access the books you already have hard copies of? It would be a massive undertaking to negotiate with the various rights-holders but Amazon already has the relationships to do this.  If they did this for me, I would even pay a little extra for the privilege.  I’d also own just one reading device and that would be a great thing for whoever sold me that device.

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