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Is Google the ultimate social venture?

8 Mar

Social venture (n): an organization with a mission and history of providing social services to the public, at a free or discounted rate, while still providing a positive return on investment to its stakeholders.

I made that definition up but its consistent with the most buzz worthy social ventures / enterprises.  Public mission with profit making potential.  Google has contributed to the social good in every major area and they’ve made a healthy profit in the process.  As most people know, they’ve done this by way of massive cross subsidy–using advertisers to foot the bill for simple life improvements like streamlined mail, search and calendaring, all the way to more complex social goods like public data visualization, energy management, and auto captioning for videos so that those with impaired hearing can enjoy and understand all online video.

Find a profitable business model and redirect some portion of the profits to social good, with the hope that one day even those services will become profitable.

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