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How you know that a country has a massive supply of talent

3 Aug

China’s UltiZen Games said it has raised $8 million for its game development outsourcing business in a third round of funding.

Shanghai-based UltiZen makes art and games for game publishes such as Trilogy Studios. It also develops and publishes online games under the U-Pal brand, and it develops and publishes mobile games under the Mo-Star brand. The company said it will use the funding to expand its online web and mobile game publishing businesses.

via UltiZen raises $8M for game development outsourcing business | VentureBeat.

It’s obvious that you can’t start massive consulting without a large pool of talent.   So assuming you had the financing, how easy do you think it would be to round up 400 game developers in any part of the United States?  Could you do it all without exclusively poaching from existing game development companies?  Put differently, is our “talent pool” of game developers increasing at a fast enough pace for the companies that want to develop games?  You might consider this a silly exercise but it speaks volumes to the glut of talent that China is producing.

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